Stormwater Outfall F7 Rehabilitation

Calgary, Alberta

Project Details

The Outfall F7 system conveys stormwater from the Evergreen, Everstone and Millrise areas into Fish Creek. The system was originally designed for a discharge of 12.8 m3/s, however with the recent construction of the nearby Marshall Springs Stormwater Project, the required discharge has been reduced to 2.7 m3/s. The downstream portion of the system consists of twin 1650 mm diameter precast concrete pipes, located on the steep 30 m high valley slope, which discharges into an outfall structure. The Fish Creek valley slope has experienced movements and sloughing prior and subsequent to the installation of Outfall F7. Extensive toe erosion and sloughing of the slope occurred during the 2005 flood. These slope movements have resulted in separation and cracking of the pipes.

Klohn Crippen Berger’s (KCB) scope of work includes conducting geotechnical investigations, implementing emergency repairs and measures to enhance the stability of the valley slope, conducting a preliminary design study to identify the optimum rehabilitation option, detailed designs, and construction administration of the required works.


  • Conduct geotechnical investigations, instrument monitoring and reporting
  • Prepare preliminary design study
  • Undertake detailed designs
  • Prepare tender documents
  • Obtain regulatory approvals
  • Provide inspection and contract administration services during construction
  • Provide prime consultant services