Expect More at KCB

We offer our people a chance to participate in some of the largest and most challenging engineering projects in the world. Our projects have helped develop resources, reclaim landscapes, build communities and stimulate economies. No matter what ventures we pursue, we are up to the challenge.

KCB is known for our exceptional performance in everything we do. In addition to receiving over 50 national and international awards for major projects, we have also been recognized for our management expertise, charitable contributions and as a top employer. We take our quality initiatives and high-level of client services very seriously. Our size allows employees regular access and direct communication with our leaders and decision-makers.
At KCB, we care about our people and our world. Our dynamic team environment allows for each individual to contribute more and be heard. We encourage our people to push past limits and exceed expectations. We make sure that new people joining our organization share our unique vision to go above and beyond. As we strive for excellence in every possible way, we never forget to support each other and enjoy what we do.

Valuing Diversity

At KCB, each of our employees brings a different perspective, work experience, life style and culture into the workplace.  We strive to create a work environment in which differences are valued and respected so all employees can attain their career goals, and thereby make a full contribution towards the company’s business objectives.

Women in Klohn

WiK is a forum for women at KCB to enable real-time networking between our offices around the globe, hold open discussions on topics of mutual interest, share new initiatives to help support the business, and provide a venue to offer advice on work-related challenges.