KCB has worked on some of the most challenging hydropower and water supply dams around the world. As lead designers or the owner’s engineer, we incorporate the principles of sustainability and safety-by-design in our work.

Recent projects include the re-development of the 54 MW Snoqualmie Falls hydropower facility in Washington, USA, the Nam Theun 2 hydropower facility in Laos, and the Site C Clean Energy Project – a new 1,000 MW hydropower facility under construction on the Peace River in British Columbia, Canada.

We are a leader in dam safety inspections and reviews, and assessing the condition of earthfill, rockfill, concrete and roller-compacted concrete dams, and their associated facilities and equipment.

Our clients include:



Hydroelectric Facilities
  • New Facility Design
  • Facility Expansion, Upgrade and Refurbishment Design
  • Energy Studies
  • Due Diligence Reviews for Buyers/Sellers
  • Public Safety and Security Reviews
  • Testing and Commissioning
  • RCC, Concrete and Earthfill Dam Design
  • Dam Raises and Upgrades
  • Dam Safety Services
  • Condition Assessments
  • Seismic Design and Assessment
  • Hydrology and Flood Passage Studies
Water Control Facilities
  • Intake, Spillway and Low-Level Outlet Design
  • Refurbishment and Upgrades
  • Hydraulic Design (Modelling, CFM, Physical Models)
  • Debris Boom Design
  • Trashrack and Trashrake Design
  • Vertical Lift and Tainter Gate Design
  • Sourcing and Selection of Large-Diameter Valves
  • Stoplogs and Follower Design
  • Wire Rope, Screw Stem and Servomotor Hoist Design
  • Single Device Isolation of Gates and Valves
  • Switchboards, Motor Control Centres, Control Panels
  • Standby Generators
  • AC and DC Power Distribution
  • Cables and Raceway Design
  • Grounding
Tunnels and Penstocks
  • Design and Sizing Optimization
  • TBM and Conventional Tunnel Design
  • Tunnel Linings and Supports
  • Penstock Bifurcation Design
  • Underground and Surface Powerhouse Design
  • Unit Upgrades and Refurbishment
  • Turbine/Pump, Governor, Generator/Motor and Excitation System Selection
  • Turbine Model Test Witnessing
  • Cooling Water, Dewatering, Fire Protection, Oil Handling System Design
  • HVAC, Service and Brake Air System Design
  • Turbine Inlet Valve Selection
  • Draft Tube Gate and Hoist Design
  • Crane Inspection and Upgrades
  • Lighting, Fire Detection, SCADA, Controls, PLC Design
  • Transformers and Switchyards
  • High, Medium, and Low Voltage Equipment
  • AC and DC Power Distribution
  • Cables and Raceway Design
  • Grounding

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