What We Do

Klohn Crippen Berger (KCB) has delivered engineering, geoscience and environmental excellence for over 70 years for our. Our engineering, geoscience and environmental professionals thrive on problem-solving and applying their technical knowhow to unique challenges.

We apply our technical acumen and experience to solve clients’ problems as a trusted partner. Each project begins with an exploration of its projected impact on surrounding resources and communities and its existing environmental challenges so that we can deliver safe, sustainable outcomes in the following sectors:

  • Mining. Our mining consultants understand the complete mine lifecycle, and the careful analysis and solutions required to sustainably manage mine waste and water from planning to closure.
  • Hydropower. From 7 MW single turbine projects to 1,000-plus MW multi-turbine projects, we’ve designed, developed, commissioned and rehabilitated some of the world’s most challenging hydropower facilities.
  • Transportation. As an award-winning bridge design consultant, KCB delivers design and construction monitoring of durable highway, pedestrian and long-span bridges, and tunneling and railway projects.
  • Infrastructure. From pre-feasibility studies through detailed design, we plan, design and monitor construction of coastal and marine terminal infrastructure, public and private water management infrastructure, and resource extraction infrastructure.
  • Energy. Our team helps our clients addresses challenges on projects in the oil sands sector and for the onshore and offshore oil and gas industries.