Women’s Coulee Diversion Project

High River, Alberta, Canada

Project Details

KCB has been working on the Women’s Coulee Diversion Project (WCDP) for Alberta Transportation (AT) since 2014.  The canal was slated for rehabilitation and following the June 2013 flood, flood mitigation improvements were requested.  KCB completed a condition assessment and conceptual designs of pipeline and canal options.  The project was broken into two phases with the upstream 5.2 km being converted to large diameter PVC pipeline and the canal and Women’s Coulee dam being rehabilitated downstream for the remaining 2 km.  KCB undertook preliminary and detailed design of the hydraulic structures to divert water from the Highwood River and into the pipeline, design of the gravity pipeline and the outlet control structure, cross drains that divert surface runoff under the main pipeline, canal rehabilitation, culvert crossings, irrigation turnouts, and replacement of the dam low level outlet structure along with construction of a toe berm. KCB prepared specifications and drawings for two phases of construction, conducted contract administration for the multi-million dollar contracts and conducted resident engineering services.  KCB worked closely with AT to address landowner concerns and engage other stakeholders, such as Alberta Environment and Parks, throughout the design and construction phases.  KCB is supporting on going warranty work with all work anticipated to be complete in the Fall 2020.


  • Condition assessment, conceptual, preliminary and detailed design
  • Hydrology assessment and hydraulic engineering
  • Geotechnical analysis and design
  • Structural design
  • Electrical and controls
  • Environmental and regulatory services
  • Construction Administration and Resident Engineering

Sustainable Project Attributes

  • Converting the canal to a pipeline reduces water losses to evaporation and seepage.
  • Fish exclusion screens keep fish in the Highwood River, so they are not lost from the ecosystem.