Animon Mine Environmental Impact Assessment Modification

Pasco, Peru

Project Details

Project Type:

Environmental Impact Assessment Modification

Project Leadership:

Dan Etheredge

The Animon mine is an underground zinc, lead, copper and silver mine located in Pasco, a region in Central Peru. KCB was retained to develop an environmental impact assessment modification (MEIA) after mineral reserves were discovered below the mine’s existing workings. Extraction from these reserves would require further groundwater removal and water treatment efforts, and permits for the increase in mine contact water being generated. An MEIA was needed to expand the mine’s waste management systems.

The first step to developing the MEIA was elaborating on data collected on the conditions of the site, focusing on social and environmental aspects. KCB conducted baseline studies over two seasons and performed an analysis of the behaviour of numerous environmental variables, including water, soils, air, terrestrial flora and fauna, and animal species, at a historical level.

Using models developed from the data collected, KCB assessed the impacts on the environmental variables and created plans to reduce any potential negative impacts. The completed MEIA by KCB included an economic assessment of the environmental impacts of the project and updated strategies for managing and protecting local biodiversity.