Klohn Crippen Berger Release Book on 70-Year Legacy

June 3, 2020

To celebrate Klohn Crippen Berger’s 70th anniversary this year, we’ve published a new book about the history of our company: Strong Foundations: The Klohn Crippen Berger Story 1950-2020. This new book builds upon Cyril Leonoff’s book chronicling the early days of our company: A Dedicated Team published in 1991.

Strong Foundations was written by Katherine Palmer Gordon, an author of six non-fiction books, based on over 50 interviews with current and past employees, and new research on our founding companies and people. Part of this research revealed that our earliest founding company was a firm called Pitt Polder Ltd., founded in 1950.

Over the past 70 years, KCB has experienced many challenges and successes, achieved a global reputation for technical excellence, and built a family of engineers and scientists including some of the world’s pre-eminent professionals in their fields. The modern company is the result of the vision, commitment, talent and sheer hard work of not only the four original founders, but also the hundreds of individuals who helped create our legacy over the years.

“This book is about a fascinating human enterprise. Set against the development that followed World War Two, it provides an insight into many interesting places across the world. But it is not just about glamorous projects and travel to exotic places. The book brings out the human side of our business and is full of stories of challenges overcome: challenges triggered by worldwide events, challenges that rocked the best-laid plans, challenges of ownership through the good and bad times. This is a story about people.”

Len Murray, President and CEO, Klohn Crippen Berger

Strong Foundations and A Dedicated Team are now available in PDF format on our website.

Strong Foundations: The Klohn Crippen Berger Story