Performance-Based Seismic Analysis of Embankments with DSM Grid-Type Foundation Improvement

December 10, 2020

A performance-based methodology focused on the seismic performance of a structure supported by improved ground based on Deep Soil Mixing (DSM) grids is proposed in this paper. Under a performance-based approach, the design of the DSM grid is conducted such that the target performance of the superstructure is achieved, thus not necessarily imposing the no-liquefaction condition on the enclosed soil within the DSM grid. This concept is explored for the case of embankments supported on square DSM grids. Three-dimensional, non-linear numerical analyses are conducted for a generic embankment founded on DSM-improved ground. The variability of the DSM strength on the embankment performance is evaluated for a given grid configuration. Conclusions and recommendations for this type of analysis are provided. Mendez, B., V. Nguyen and S. Patel. 2020. “Performance-Based Seismic Analysis of Embankments with DSM Grid-Type Foundation Improvement,” in Proceedings of the 73rd Canadian Geotechnical Society Conference, GeoVirtual 2020: Resilience and Innovation, 14-16 September 2020.