Modulus Reduction and Damping Curves for Soils Under Simple Shear

December 10, 2020

Modulus reduction and damping ratio curves are important input parameters for dynamic soil response analysis. An NGI type simple shear device was enhanced to enable accurate small strain measurements using appropriate instrumentation in an attempt to construct these curves under simple shear loading mode. Quasi-cyclic, small strain or stress-controlled, simple shear tests were carried out on undisturbed Champlain Sea clay and reconstituted Fraser Delta sand specimens. This work was carried out as a precursor to a more comprehensive CRD project on Champlain Sea clay from various sites across Ontario and Quebec, and provides an initial database of confident modulus reduction and damping curves. Theenathayarl, T., T. Sentheepan and S. Sivathayalan. 2017. “Modulus Reduction and Damping Curves for Soils Under Simple Shear,” in GeoOttawa 2017 70 Years of Canadian Geotechnics and Geoscience, 70th Canadian Geotechnical Conference, Ottawa, Ontario, October 1 – 4, 2017. Toronto: Canadian Geotechnical Society.