University of Toronto, Civil Engineering Department

December 23, 2020

University of Toronto, Civil Engineering Department

Assessment of Residual Strength of Tailings Using the Cone Penetration Test and Simplified Numerical Modelling

KCB is supporting an important research project that aims to improve the design and management of risk posed by the disposal of mine waste in tailings storage facilities. This project is also funded by NSERC. Dr. Mason Ghafghazi, an internationally recognized expert in in-situ testing and liquefaction is the Principal Investigator for this project.

Settlement and Instability of Highway Embankments due to Seismic Loading and Liquefaction The long-term goal of this research is creating a displacement-based liquefaction assessment framework for various highway components. The research is performed in close collaboration with Ontario Ministry of Transportation's (MTO) foundation engineering group.

  • Summarizing the state of the art procedures for field investigation and screening level liquefaction assessment
  • Investigating the influence of dynamic interactions of highway components on liquefaction response of foundations
  • Investigating the influence of static shear bias on liquefaction response
KCB will provide access to the expertise in our Vancouver office in dealing with the most seismically active area of the country. This includes experience in design of highway embankments, bridge approaches and foundation and abutment improvements. We will also provide oversight on research outcomes to make sure the results are cast in a framework that is easily usable by practicing engineers.