Tom Murray honoured by the Calgary Geotechnical Society

May 27, 2016

Tom Murray (centre) receives the Calgary Geotechnical Society Award from Daniel Bertrand (left) and Bill Chin (right)

Congratulations to Tom Murray who received the 2016 Calgary Geotechnical Society Award in recognition of his contributions to the Art of Geotechnique. Each year the Society presents the award to an outstanding individual who has provided exceptional efforts and energy to the profession. KCB's Bill Chin, who was the 2013 award recipient, introduced Tom at the ceremony. The award was then presented by Daniel Bertrand, Chair of the Calgary Geotechnical Society.

Tom Murray has been with the KCB since 1977 and is a Principal with the firm. He has more than 40 years of experience in geotechnical engineering with extensive experience in dam safety, water resource and oil sands projects. Tom’s experience includes geotechnical assessments involving settlement analysis, earth embankment and excavation stability, pile and foundation designs, seepage cutoff barriers and dam safety inspections, audits and reviews. He is also experienced in preparation of contract specifications, emergency preparedness plans (EPP), and operations maintenance and surveillance (OM&S) documents. His field assignments have included the construction supervision of large earth dams, canals, hydraulic structures, bridges, and pulp mills. In addition, Tom has organized and managed numerous field investigation programs for a variety of site characterization studies.