Edmonton Office Moves Location

November 13, 2012

Our team in Edmonton  has settled into their new location at Cassel Centre on Ellwood Drive. The staff love the extra space and with easier access to public transit, bike paths and major roadways, this helps to contribute to our sustainability. With the ever growing team, come new and exciting phase adding a new scope of services in the disciplines of:
  • civil, geotechnical and geological engineering,
  • environmental geotechnique
  • biophysical
These services are applied to a range of industries including power, transportation, railways, pipelines, mining, oil sands, oil & gas and government. Along with these added services, a few organizational changes have also occurred.  Mark Polet P.Biol., former Edmonton  office manager, had moved to a wider role within the Alberta Business unit to leverage his considerable experience and insight into biophysical sciences for KCB's Canadian and global practices.  Dr. Tim Keegan, P.Eng. moved into the Edmonton Office Manager role and Chris Gräpel, P.Eng. joins us as Manager, Civil Projects.  Rounding out the leadership team in Edmonton is Dr. Jason Duxbury, P.Bio. who manages the Biophysical Group and Joel DaCosta, C.E.T. who leads the Environmental Geotechnique team in Edmonton. The Edmonton office currently participates with other KCB offices in Canada and world-wide to develop the most effective project teams to meet our client's needs.  Plans are in place to grow the Edmonton office into a multi-disciplinary team capable of providing a full range of civil, geotechnical, environmental geotechnique and biophysical services to KCB project teams northern Alberta, western Canada and globally. The Edmonton office, formerly known as Ecomark Ltd. was acquired in 2009 and at that time specialized in water and waste water engineering, environmental and health risk impact assessments, regulatory support, sustainability, and habitat assessment and restoration.  Recognizing the synergy that could be developed by interacting KCB's traditional consulting strengths in engineering with EcoMark's strengths in environmental sciences, KCB has started the growth of an engineering group within the Edmonton office.  This step will further integrate northern Alberta based environmental sciences into KCB's scope of services while tapping into additional engineering talent and client base in the Edmonton area. KCB is excited for Edmonton's growing client mix. Our Edmonton office new location is: 301, 2627 Ellwood Drive SW, Edmonton, AB T6X 0P7. Our phone/fax/email remains the same.