Klohn Crippen Berger takes on the 2014 Calgary Corporate Challenge

September 16, 2014

Big Bike DSC_3958 (Small)This is the second year for KCB’s Calgary office participating in the annual Calgary Corporate Challenge event. Adopting the name of CyKlohns to fit in with the event theme of “Open Water,” the Calgary office fielded 22 sporting teams to compete in this Olympics-style event.

With one of two weeks of the competition having already taken place, the CyKlohns team has proven to be a force to be reckoned with, currently sitting in fifth place in our division out of thirty teams. With about 80 individual participants from the Calgary office having signed up, the CCC spirit has been buzzing throughout the office bringing the competitive (and fun-seeking) nature out in employees from all levels.

Our notable events so far include a second place finish in Mountain Bike Race, a third place finish in Bocce (second year in a row!), a fourth place finish in the Truck Pull event (only 0.1 seconds out of third place), and our Soccer team advanced to the quarter finals which takes place this Friday.

In addition to the competitive sporting events, the CyKlohns have made donations in various forms to the CCC charitable partners. Through several FUN-raising events, the Calgary office has donated $400+ to KidSport Calgary, a large hamper of 15 items to the Calgary Inter-Faith Food Bank, $2200+ to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, 25 blood donations for Canadian Blood Services, a bankers box full of books to Calgary Reads, and a Back to Work package to the Mustard Seed.

Great work CyKlohns!!