Klohn Crippen Berger receives Two Awards of Excellence for the Bow River Weir Project

February 15, 2012

KCB received Awards of Excellence for Water Resources & Energy Production and for Community Development for the Bow River Weir Project at the Consulting Engineers of Alberta (CEA) Showcase Awards Gala. KCB, in association with Northwest Hydraulic Consultants and Recreation Engineering and Planning, planned designed and administered construction of the Calgary Bow River Weir Project. The project's primary purpose was to eliminate the extreme drowning hazard and enable river passage for non-motorized boats and fish while maintaining water diversions from the Bow River. To improve safety and facilitate boat and fish passage, pools and rapids were constructed downstream of the weir to increase water levels to drown out the weir creating whitewater play areas. The project creates an amenity for canoeists, kayakers, bird watchers, educators and floaters. Congratulations to everyone who contributed to the success of this project! JUDGES' COMMENTS "This project demonstrates a highly technical project that enhances the community and environment. It provides both new and enhanced recreation opportunities for the public, while at the same time enhancing the river ecosystems and fish habitats." "The Calgary Bow River Weir project is an excellent example of how engineering ingenuity can revitalize a critically important natural resource to create safe and sustainable opportunities that enhance and enrich the whole community." "Outstanding example of the application of collaborative engineering approach to solve a highly complex problem involving public safety, security of irrigation water supply, fish passage, creation added value and seasonal construction challenges within a multiple regulatory and stakeholder environment."