Klohn Crippen Berger kicks off the 2013 Calgary Corporate Challenge

September 12, 2013

KCB employees have been training hard in preparation for the Calgary Corporate Challenge which officially kicked off over the weekend. The Calgary Corporate Challenge is a volunteer-driven, Olympic-style event developed by Calgary's business community. Each September, employees, managers and volunteers throughout the city participate in a variety of fun-filled athletic and non-athletic events. Over the weekend our team, The Klohn Wolves, participated in the truck pull and a 10k race. Mother Nature was not kind on Saturday and the huge puddles made the truck pull challenging. Despite the rain, our team completed the first pull in 22 seconds and then managed to shave 2 seconds off their time on the next pull! Congratulations to captain Petheram Mitch and truck pull team! The fog and rain lifted and the sun arrived in time for the 10k race. Our team had a great showing coming in 4th place in the mini-division! Congrats to captain Jordan Brandenburg and 10k team!!