KCB is pleased to announce the following company appointments

June 1, 2015

Len Murray, President & CEO, is pleased to announce the following Principal and Associate appointments.


LC_for-news-item Lawrence F. Clelland, P.Eng. Regional Manager, Ontario, Mining Environmental Group Lawrence Clelland joined KCB in 2002 and has more than thirty years of international experience in the study, design and construction supervision of major civil engineering projects related to tailings disposal and power generation projects. Under Lawrence’s leadership, the Ontario region has delivered outstanding financial results over the past 5 years. Moreover, he has stewarded KCB’s new offices in Toronto and London, and personally led our work at the Tasiast Mine in Mauritania, which is the largest overseas project taken on by the Ontario Region.

WVL_for-news-itemWarren Vincent-Lambert, P.Geo. Manager, Oil & Gas and Mining Group, Alberta Business Unit Warren Vincent-Lambert has over twenty years of experience in mining water management and environmental investigations and impact assessments. Since joining KCB in 2005, Warren has managed multi-disciplinary teams for mining impact assessments and environmental management program compilations for mines and oil sands developments. He has provided technical guidance and senior review on numerous groundwater management projects, covering mining, oil & gas and civil infrastructure projects.


AB_for-news-itemAndrew Brunsdon, P.Eng. Team Lead, Foundations & Civil Design, Alberta Business Unit Andrew Brunsdon has over ten years of progressive work experience in the civil engineering industry. Since joining KCB’s Calgary office in 2010, his responsibilities have included managing and coordinating multi-disciplinary project teams, conducting detailed designs, preparing tender and contract documents, and providing technical support and construction management during project construction.

RM_for-news-itemRobert McLachlan, P. Eng. Senior Mechanical Engineer, Power & Transportation Robert McLachlan has more than eighteen years of engineering experience including the design, fabrication, inspection and commissioning of large scale mechanical equipment for hydro plants, marine facilities and other industrial applications. His work at KCB has involved work on various components of hydro plants including valves, gates, stop logs, penstocks, piping, HVAC and cranes. Rob also has experience in the design, construction and maintenance of large bulk materials handling facilities around the world.

MJP_for-news-itemMary-Jane Piggott, P.Eng. British Columbia Manager, Water Resources & Environment, Mining Environmental Group Mary-Jane Piggott is Manager of the British Columbia Water Resources and Environmental Division. Mary-Jane joined KCB in 2011 and has over eighteen years of experience in surface water management and environmental studies for mining, industrial and municipal projects throughout Canada, South America and Australia. Mary-Jane holds the role of Chair of KCB’s Women in Klohn (WIK) Committee and acts as an advisor to our Vancouver Young Professionals Group.

LR_for-news-itemLindsay Robertson, M.Sc., P.Geo. Ontario Manager, Environmental, Mining Environmental Group Lindsay Robertson joined KCB in 2007 and is Manager of the Ontario Environmental Division based in Sudbury, Ontario. Lindsay manages projects related to reclamation and closure planning, environmental impact assessments, soil cover design and has completed numerous projects and studies on mine impacts, remedial strategies and permitting. Lindsay has taken on leadership roles for a number of internal company projects including the Mining Environmental Group business development initiative.

KS_for-news-itemKaren Sagar, P. Eng. Oil Sands Group Manager, Alberta Business Unit Karen Sagar has over 23 years of experience managing multi-disciplinary, multi-million dollar design projects for a variety of clients. The scope of work for projects she has been involved with includes: geotechnical design for colliery reclamation schemes, offshore wind farm foundations, roads and railways in the UK and Ireland, soil and rock slope stability assessments in Hong Kong, and pile design and testing supervision for a development in Abu Dhabi. Since joining KCB in 2010, Karen has managed projects for Alberta’s oil sands operators and taken on leadership roles for a number of internal company environmental, diversity and health and safety initiatives.

JS_for-news-itemJosé Sánchez Marrou, M. Eng. Civil Geotechnical Engineer, Mining Environmental Group José Sánchez joined KCB in 2004 and since then has gained experience in the design of tailings dams, alternative waste storage facilities, tailings deposition studies, dam break analysis and inundation studies in Perú, Canada, the United States, Ecuador, Guyana, Brazil, Argentina, Spain and Panamá. José has spearheaded a number of projects opening up KCB’s experience in Chile and across Latin America.

DS_for-news-itemDarren Senft, B.Sc., P.Geol. Oil Sands Group Manager, Alberta Business Unit Darren Senft has more than eighteen years of experience as a professional geologist. This experience includes eight years work on hard rock exploration projects, as well as an additional ten years working on, and managing, a variety of oil sands projects. His experience includes: planning, implementation, supervision and quality control of drilling projects; stratigraphic interpretation of borehole data; geological modelling; bedrock mapping; and project management of geological and engineering studies. Darren joined KCB in 2007 and is currently based in Calgary.