KCB Appointed Owner’s Engineer for Sunwater Paradise Dam Project

February 6, 2024

KCB Announces New Paradise Dam Project

We are excited to announce that Klohn Crippen Berger (KCB) has been appointed to the Owner’s Engineering role for a project to build a new Paradise Dam wall on the Burnett River, near Bundaberg. The project is a collaborative undertaking from Sunwater and the Queensland Government. KCB is committed to guiding this high-profile project, with a focus on robustness, longevity, and integration with the environment.

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The primary function of Paradise Dam is to store water for irrigation and urban usage. This is integral to the Bundaberg Water Supply Scheme, which spans over 600 kilometres of channels and pipelines. The scheme encompasses seven distinct systems that support groundwater needs in the district, irrigating a diverse range of crops, and providing water to towns and local industries.

In 2019, following an assessment of Paradise Dam that was prompted by damage incurred during flooding in 2013, the dam wall was lowered to ensure the safety of downstream communities. The assessment had revealed safety risks attributed to the roller compacted concrete properties and construction approach. In 2021, the Queensland Government committed to reinstating the full capacity of the dam, and extensive testing and analysis was undertaken with that intent. However, the testing results confirmed the existing dam could not be repaired to full capacity, nor could it provide assurance of water security for its intended design life. Constructing a new dam wall downstream of the existing structure will restore the operational capacity and provide water security for the future.