Greg Noack appointed Chair of the CDA Mining Dams Committee

October 14, 2015

The Board of Directors of the Canadian Dam Association have appointed Greg Noack as Chair of the Mining Dams Committee for a term of two years. The purpose of the Mining Dams Committee is to represent within the CDA the interests of owners, consultants, regulators and suppliers involved with the design, construction, operation and closure of mining dams. The focus of the Committee is to promote awareness of the technical and risk management practices for dams used in the mining industry. Greg is a Senior Water Resources Engineer with 20 years of experience in water resources engineering and storm water management for mining, industrial and land development projects. He concentrates on hydrologic and hydraulic simulations for tailings impoundment, retention pond and conveyance infrastructure safety assessments. He has also been extensively involved in tailings planning, surface water characterization, water supply, water recovery, storm water control, environmental baseline and environmental impact assessment, mine closure studies and contaminated water management both in North America and overseas.