Dr. Louis Kirsten Featured in August 2022 Issue of Australian Mining Review

August 16, 2022

The growing demand for metals and minerals has resulted in the increasing production of tailings for many commodities. While the majority of tailings facilities operate without concern, reports of lesser and catastrophic failures have led to increased scrutiny of the facilities and related ESG risks.

Our Senior Geotechnical Engineer, Dr. Louis Kirsten, spoke with The Australian Mining Review about the role of engineering in designing safe and sustainable tailings facilities for the future.

Read the full interview with Dr. Louis Kirsten in the August 2022 issue.

About Louis Kirsten
Dr. Louis Kirsten is a Geotechnical/Civil Engineer with 30 years' experience, which includes an extensive range of geotechnical engineering application on projects for the resources, infrastructure, and public sectors. He has been involved in research, consulting and contracting activities in design, review, contract, and management roles. He has been engaged in and managed projects from conception to closure and post-closure including arbitration and dispute resolution.