Nam Theun 2 Hydro Project Receives CEBC Award of Merit

April 26, 2010

KCB’s Nam Theun 2 Hydro Project received an Award of Merit in the Natural Resource, Energy and Industry Category at the Consulting Engineers of BC Engineering Excellence Awards presentation on Saturday 24 April 2010. Nam Theun 2 was one of nine entries in this category, competing against the other KCB submission, the Hidden Valley Tailings Containment Project.

The Nam Theun 2 project is the most important project in a long-term collaborative effort between Laos and Thailand to develop up to 3000MW of hydropower energy in Laos for export to Thailand. KCB started work on this international project in 2004. The facility went in-service in February 2010.

The key technical components of this project were:

  • The innovative use of a roller compacted concrete (RCC) dam to allow flooding during the wet season over the 3 years of construction
  • The "largest" pressure x diameter bifurcation in the world
  • The bifurcation design established a precedent , in the hydro industry for the use of the selected steel types and thicknesses
Congratulations to the project team (led by Garry Stevenson, Neil Heidstra, Ryan Douglas and Bruno Bagneres) who were involved with this project. It is a tribute to you, and your hard work over the years, that the project received this prestigious award.

More information about the CEBC Awards can be found on their website: