Quality, Health & Safety and Environment Policy

Klohn Crippen Berger (KCB) uses an integrated management system (IMS) consisting of quality, health and safety, and environment procedures to steer our business conduct and the way we manage projects. Supported by our management team, this system governs how we interact with our clients, our community and the environment.

Our IMS is implemented to ensure we comply with applicable legislative, regulatory and client requirements. KCB employees are required to follow our IMS, and we reinforce this responsibility through leading by example, training, audits, and setting company objectives. We are committed to continually improving the effectiveness of our IMS in collaboration with our employees, clients and other stakeholders.

Fostering Quality Services

We earn the trust of our clients by using our IMS to manage projects in a consistent, professional and ethical manner. In our technical work, we adhere to the applicable professional standards and professional association requirements for engineers and scientists.

Promoting a Safe and Healthy Culture

Our principle is that everyone in the workplace is responsible for working safely; that managers and supervisors are responsible for implementing our health and safety system; and that senior management is accountable for health and safety performance. We recognize that our employees, subcontractors and visitors have the right to work in a safe and healthy environment, including their physical, psychological and social well-being. We consult and collaborate with our employees, and train and coach our supervisors, to promote a strong safe and healthy culture by identifying workplace hazards and planning for hazard mitigation. Wherever we work, our goal is to always work safely and prevent harm.

Reducing our Environmental Impact

We aim to minimize the impact of our operations on the environment, including the prevention of pollution to land, water and air. We also advise our clients on ways to eliminate, mitigate or remediate the environmental impact of their operations or facilities.

Responsible Governance

We balance social, environmental and economic considerations to meet the needs of our stakeholders, while encouraging innovation in our operations and projects. We seek sustainable options in our professional practice and advise our clients on opportunities to incorporate sustainability into their projects.

We act fairly and honestly and respect the rights of the communities where we work, and strive for an equitable, diverse and inclusive working environment. We are proud to build a better world by giving back through involvement in learned associations, current research, education sponsorships and charitable donations.