Our People

To our existing and future clients:

Each project has unique challenges. In collaboration with each client, our engineering, environmental and geotechnical consultants apply risk-based thinking to the technical design, constructability of our design, and the safety, health and environmental impacts of the work to the community and others.

KCB’s work on significant projects around the world offers rich opportunities to our people for developing their career and professional growth. The result is a group of dedicated professionals answering a calling to solve your challenges.

Get to know our industry leaders and how we can help you with your future project needs.

To our future employees:

We carefully build our KCB family of talented and competent engineers and scientists by offering employees opportunities to grow and excel through continuous education and training.

  • At KCB. We prepare our people from the moment an offer is accepted through ongoing training based on their role in the company. This begins with safety training for work in the office, laboratory or field, reinforcing our policy to always work safely and prevent harm. For project managers, our innovative KlohnPM training program has strengthened our project management practices, while becoming the model for project manager training at other firms.
  • Across industry. We encourage our people to get involved in learned associations. As a result, many KCB staff are helping to draft international standards and guidelines related to the safe management of tailings storage facilities for industry adoption. In addition, KCB funds research projects that address current industry challenges.
  • With our clients. We offer employees opportunities to work with a variety of clients and projects. By experiencing different client styles and project challenges, our staff become better engineers and scientists, better communicators and better businesspeople.